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We've always enjoyed our holidays outdoors, and over the years we have progressed from TENT to CAMPER TRAILER and even experienced CARAVANS... the decision we recently faced was what to take into the next adventure...


What would suit us best and why?


Tents are small, compact and you dont need to tow them...


For light loads and quick weekenders they are good but you also need to carry bedding, clothes, food, fridge and let's not forget beer!


For us, the tent was great BC (before children) but now there is so much more available...


It was a quick decision that the adventures ahead were not going to be in a tent.


The diversity in this range today is astounding... it seems there is a camper on the market for everybody's needs and the options they offer cater to all!


We've had a soft floor camper for years and loved it... it was a great trailer. Room for the extras you want with the flexibility of size. Easy to hook up and move on a whim with everything but food ready to go.


But the set up was still more than we wanted for a trip that would require frequent (even daily) set up & pack up.


Time to upgrade!


We wanted a camper with everything we needed in its place and minimal set up...


Caravans... they offer all of the mod cons you could want, a home away from home on wheels but boy, do they get big (and expensive) fast.


We've always enjoyed exploring the hard to get to locations and escaping to remote corners.


For this reason the caravan was not at the top of our list...


They tend to be larger and harder to take to some of the more remote and scenic destination in Australia plus they limit the options of many destinations.


Perhaps when we ae older...


So many Camper Trailers... with the options on the market today it seemed overwhelming. But... we had an idea what we wanted. The soft floor, fold out canvas range of camper is what we had, and while a great option, it was not ideal for long term travel and the constant set up / pack up times ahead.... these trailers are great for a week or more long camp with good weather when you pack it up.


We wanted simplicity... what a caravan offers but in a compact form. Something that will do us well untill we are to well travelled to spend time setting up.


So we began looking at the higher end camper trailers on the market these days... an investment to last till the caravanning days.


Below are just a few of the current campers on the market that made the short list...



CONQUEROR UEV440 - The Winner!



  • The Conqueror UEV440 has a very small footprint even when set up.

  • There is minimal canvas and none of it touches the ground.

  • The standard model includes 2 double beds allowing it to sleep 4.

  • Kitchen, fridge & pantry all at arms length.

  • Storage... lots of it and in all the right places!

  • A very fast set up, simple for an overnight stay.



  • Minimal inside area for wet days.

  • Known for water leaks.

  • The company was underegoing a change of ownership.

  • Tough to find a way to carry push bikes - we want to take ours.



Sleeping on the inside and living on the outside... what camping should be. We loved the simple set up (and it is fast) of this Conqueror. Loads of storage and easy access to all of the daily needs whether set up for a day or a week. Outside the kitchen slides out right next to the pantry and mini-bar with additional fold out shelving as required. Inside the clothes storage is more than ample with excellent bedding.


We found the 440 model superior to the top of the range 490 as it was a slightly smaller build making it better for towing and offroad access but more than that the layout made the overall experience much more practical, especially the kitchen and outside experience.




  • Very reputable brand - one of the first to enter this range.

  • Has everything, kitchen and living outside.

  • Sleeping room for 4 although that means bedding on the floor.

  • Quality build.

  • Can cary a boat - although we would rather that be on the vehicle.



  • More canvas and it hits the ground - although on a hard floor.

  • Larger footprint - 3 car spaces in a row if not unhitching.

  • Overpriced.

  • Awning set up and coverage is not as good as other models.



While this is a great trailer and ticked many of the boxes we wanted, it was still too similar to the soft floor camper we had in the past, couple this with a larger footprint it meant there would be limitis on accesability and set up.


If stopping for a quick overnighter for example where you dont want to unhitch, given the need to fold the hard top/floor over the rear of the trailer you actually require nearly 3 car lenghts of space. Finally the additional canvas and set up of the awning was a drawback. 




  • Small footprint.

  • Leading brand in the market.

  • Has all the living on the outside.

  • Excellent kitchen and storage.

  • Built tough!



  • Sleeping for 2 unless you have the drop down room on the roof top tent.

  • Room on the tent means canvas on the ground.

  • Minimal stand up room inside for changing.



We like it... a lot. Perhaps our 2nd choice after the Conqueror.


The Patriot has everything you want in a nice compact form. The deciding factor for us was the rooftop tent and inside space (or lack thereof) for a family and getting changed. In addition, while the awning is an easy to set up foxwing style it does not come standard with walls that allow good shelter in bad weather.




  • Small footprint.

  • Has all the living on the outside.

  • Well built & light.

  • Easy set up.



  • Sleeping for 2 - Only! This is a deal breaker.

  • Outside kitchen and storage is poor compared to other models

  • Overpriced.

  • No exterior awning walls





As mentioned above... no room for kids... this is a grey nomad option and not one for families...we quickly ruled this one out as an option.




  • Same brand as our last camper and very good.

  • Still has all living on the outside.

  • Easy set up.

  • Loads of storage!

  • 300 Litres of water!

  • Sleeps up to 4 people.



  • Getting into caravan teritorry

  • No outside awning or walls

  • Fridge on the inside

  • Overall larger and more bulky than the camper trailer we wanted.



It's nice to see Lifstyle transition into a bigger model option, though it's more of a caravan than a compact offroad camper... it has some positives but the biggest downsize for us was the lack of outside living area. While it has a kitchen, it's not complete and the storage is spread out. A fridge on the inside while the kitchen is outside just doesn't make sense. At the same time there is minimal external shelter.





  • Sleeps 4 or more.

  • Kitchen and living on the outside.

  • Canvas does not touch the ground.



  • Still has a lot of set up

  • No outside walls on awning

  • Storage space is minimal and spread out




While we like what they have done to maximise space once set up this is still

just another variant on the soft floor caper build.


With kitchen and fridge at a simple swing out everything is easily accesible once set up but the lack of additional storage was a big let down.

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